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Adding / Altering your site in the Click4Choice Directory.

Before you start be aware there is a minimum listing Fee of $20.00

Any unpaid listing submitted will be deleted.
Also Please check our TOS

Adding or changing a Listing is quite easy you only need to follow the steps below.

1. If you are adding a site for the first time then you must Register as a new user. Here you only need to enter your user name, password and a valid email address.
Once you enter the proper information you can add your website and then pay the listing fee.

2.All you need to do now is click Add a Link. Fill in all Fields and choose which Category you wish to be listed under. You can first go to the Directory and browse the Categories to find the one that best suits you. By doing so the dropdown list will have the category displayed when you click add a link.

3. To edit a current listing Login in with your User ID and Password.
But instead of adding a new listing select from your list of listings the one you wish to change.
Choose edit listing and submit the changes.

4. Once submitted you will be notified by email that the link has either been accepted or rejected. You may add more links at anytime by just going to login and repeating step 2.


What to Enter in the fields.

URL: Add the URL people have to type in their browser's address input and be sure it's correct.

Title: Here you add the title of your website which should be short.
Search Engines pick up the Title so if it is something that will not connect this link to your website you will loose ranking.

Description: Try to make this clear. Write it as if you are telling someone what you do!

Thumbshot is default
If you don't upload an image then a thumbshot is the default.

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